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The Ilumni Institute is proud to present Raising the Bar. We are committed to providing Family Law attorneys with relevant and engaging content to enrich their service to their clients. Please note that replays are not eligible for CLE credits.

Raising the Bar
Year in Review

January 2023 - October 2023
Enjoy 10 months of Raising the Bar!

January 2023
Speaker: Steven Bradley, Expert on Domestic Violence & Matt Havrevold, OurFamilyWizard
Topic: The Weaponization of Technology and Social Media in Family Law Cases
February 2023
Speaker: David T. Ruegg, Esq.
Topic: Tips, Traps, and Current Trends in the World of QDROs
March 2023
Speaker: Laurel Starks, Court-Appointed Real Estate Expert & CEO, The Ilumni Institute
Topic: Orders, Terms, and Practices that Sink Your Client’s Equity
April 2023
Speaker: Kimberly J. Stamatelos, Family Law Attorney and Mediator
Topic: Cross-Examining the Hostile Witness: Your Inner Chatter
May 2023
Speakers: Jeremy N. Roark, CFLS & NaKesha S.D. Ruegg, Family Law Attorney
Topic: Special Needs Children Caught in Family Law Litigation
June 2023
Speaker: Jason Sweetman, Soberlink
Topic: Alcohol Use Disorder: Protecting the Child's Best Interests
July 2023
Speakers: Jeremy N. Roark, CFLS & NaKesha S.D. Ruegg, Family Law Attorney
Topic: Scenarios and Practice Tips for Cases Involving Special Needs
August 2023
Speaker: Andrew Hatherley, MBA, CDFA, and CRPC
Topic: Gray Divorce: Tips and Best Practices in Family Law
September 2023
Speaker: Colleen Breems, Esq.
Topic: How to Grow Your Book of Business Ethically: Dos and Don'ts
October 2023
Speakers: Marlene A. Pontrelli, CFLS & Robert L. Schwartz, CFLS
Topic: Seven Tips for Defeating a Narcissist in Family Court